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John U. Nwankwo Ph.D & Jane John-Nwankwo RN, MSN

"I was amazed at how I sold $250 worth of books within 3 hours with a profit of $110! Wow! That's almost $40 an hour.Thanks to DJNG. I can now confidently say that Ii have a small business of my own."

John Lopez (DJNG Business Associate)

​"I never knew that most of my friends and family had been longing to build their own libraries until I became a DJNG business associate. By only selling to friends and family, I made $3500 in my first month. Since DJNG products keep increasing, I keep making sales, and now am expanding to co-workers and to new clients ."

Cristina Little (DJNG Business Associate)


About Us

Dr. John & Jane Nwankwo Group (DJNG) is a multi-dimensional business conglomerate that is geared to lead the populations into successfulness and prosperity. We will achieve these by providing a range of services, manufacturing, introducing, selling, and reinforcing a diversity of product brands that empower lives, promote good quality of living and health, create employments, motivate the mind and educate the people with skills. We create employments and wealth through the pursuit of excellence. Our focus is to continually maintain, and pursue opportunities that bring about positive social change, prosperity, and corporate responsibility. We will solve humanity’s problems through a multi-dimensional approach and create income streams for our customers.