Dr John & Jane Nwankwo Group

​"I never knew that most of my friends and family had been longing to build their own libraries until I became a DJNG business associate. By only selling to friends and family, I made $3500 in my first month. Since DJNG products keep increasing, I keep making sales, and now am expanding to co-workers and to new clients ."

Cristina Little (DJNG Business Associate)


Our goal is simple: To create wealth, while imparting people's lives positively.

Since we opened our doors in 2012, DJNG has been transforming our associates' lives through setting up small businesses and helping them grow. As a DJNG Associate, you can confidently say "I have a small business"

Welcome to DJNG!

Impossibility Is Nothing!!!

Grow Wealthy!

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"I was amazed at how I sold $250 worth of books within 3 hours with a profit of $110! Wow! That's almost $40 an hour.Thanks to DJNG. I can now confidently say that I have a small business of my own."

John Lopez (DJNG Business Associate)